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Application =]]

Post  Stevie21 on Sun May 03, 2009 10:54 am


Im Stevie21 On I was in the alliance Omen-NE But we have disolved Due to some member problems and Family matters. I saw that some of the old players from our alliance joined your. I was wondering if maybe i could get in.

1. TRAVIAN EXPERIENCE- Played for about a year now. Play every Day
2. Troops equal to pop - Yes.
3. Min 400+ POP with 2+ Villages - 575 Population. Just built my Third Village a few Mins ago.
4. Highly aggressive - Yes. Love to farm.
5. Dedicated, time to play - Yes, if im not around my computer then im on my iphone playing


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Re: Application =]]

Post  BaywoodJack on Sun May 03, 2009 12:07 pm


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